Yes on Proposition 118

YES on PROPOSITION 118: Paid Medical and Family Leave

Summary of Proposition 118: The Paid Family and Medical Leave ballot initiative would create a public family and medical leave insurance program that would guarantee up to 12 weeks of paid leave if someone needs extended time off to recover from a physical or mental illness, take care of a sick loved one, or spend time with a new child (biological or adopted). The insurance program would be funded through a premium paid equally by employers and employees at a rate equal to .9% of the employee’s annual wage. 

Recommendation Rationale: As of now, 2.6 million Coloradans do not have access to Paid Family and Medical leave; that means the 2.6 million Coloradans will at some point have to choose between spending critical time with a new child or loved one, or recovering from an illness, and keeping their job and pay.