Yes on City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2F

YES on CITY OF BOULDER BALLOT ISSUE 2F: Arts Commission from 5 to 7 members

Summary of City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2F:  Changes the city charter to increase the Arts Commission from 5 to 7 members.  In March 2021 one new member would begin a 5-year term and the other a 3-year term in order to stagger the expiration of commissioner terms.  

Recommendation Rationale:  The Boulder Arts Commission was established in 1979 to increase awareness and support for the arts.  It administers the city arts grant program and makes recommendations to the council with respect to annual budget appropriations for the arts.  The unpaid commissioners serve 5-year terms.  The Arts Commission’s 2020 letter to city council included a request to increase the size of the commission because of the steep learning curve and intense time commitment associated with grants decisions.