Yes on City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2D

YES on CITY OF BOULDER BALLOT ISSUE 2D: Repurpose the Utility Occupation Tax

Summary of City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2D:  Extends the portion of the Utility Occupation Tax (UOT) originally dedicated to forming a municipal electrical utility from its current expiration of Dec 31, 2022 to Dec 31, 2025.  The extension is dependent on voters also passing the Xcel franchise agreement, which the committee is recommending the party not take a position on. UOT revenue could repay some costs associated with the formation of a municipal utility and fund projects that support the city’s clean energy goals in the context of the city’s racial equity goals. 

Recommendation Rationale: The city’s municipalization effort has been costly.  The pandemic has also hurt the city financially.  Extending the UOT would put the city on better financial footing.  Extra revenue could allow the city to help disadvantaged members of the community with utility bill payments, improve energy system reliability and modernization, and increase access to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.  The climate crisis is the existential threat of our time.  A 2020 report called out a zip code in western Boulder County (not the city of Boulder) as producing the most greenhouse gas per person in the nation.  Boulder should do its part to solve the climate crisis, be a model for the rest of Boulder County and work to decrease the economic gap that exists in the city’s population.