Yes on City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2B

YES  on CITY OF BOULDER BALLOT ISSUE 2B: No Evictions Without Representation

Summary of City of Boulder Ballot Issue 2B: No Eviction Without Representation is a ballot initiative that will guarantee free legal representation to individuals and families who are summoned to eviction court. Right to counsel has been successful in a number of other cities, including San Francisco and New York City. Boulder would be the seventh city to adopt such a program. City of Boulder officials recently approved an amendment to the initiative to change the proposed funding mechanism from a fee to a tax and also added rental assistance. 

Recommendation Rationale: Eviction is a problem nationwide, and the City of Boulder is no exception. Eviction results in homelessness, loss of income, job insecurity and destabilizes families and communities. With stagnating wages, the high cost of living in Boulder and unprecedented levels of unemployment, the Boulder is in need of greater safety net programs to prevent the most housing-insecure members of our community from ending up on the streets. Currently, only 2% of renters who appear in court have access to legal counsel compared to 88% of landlords. This imbalance of power between landlords and tenants must be corrected by guaranteeing legal representation to those who face the threat of eviction. The Boulder County Democrats should endorse this measure.