Yes on Amendment B

YES on AMENDMENT B: Repeal Gallagher Amendment of 1982 

Summary of Amendment B: This constitutional amendment would repeal the Gallagher Amendment of 1982, which limits the residential and non-residential property tax assessment rates so that residential property taxes equal 45% of the total share of state property taxes and non-residential property taxes equal 55% of the total share of state property taxes. 

Recommendation Rationale: Colorado’s schools, libraries, firefighters, police officers, and special districts can’t afford the Gallagher Amendment. Gallagher has become a financial boondoggle thanks to TABOR, and before rural fire departments and special districts go under, we have to get rid of Gallagher in order to protect their budgets. The financing mechanisms no longer serve the purpose that they were supposed to when this was adopted in the 1980’s, and the amendment frankly cannot coexist with TABOR. The Gallagher Amendment is hampering our local governments’ ability to properly fund needed services. Gallagher needs to go.

The Colorado Democratic Party (the state party) did not take a position.