No on City of Longmont Ballot Question 3D

NO on CITY OF LONGMONT BALLOT QUESTION 3D: Allow City of Longmont to Lease Property for 30 years

Summary of City of Longmont Ballot Question 3D: This charter amendment will revise section 12.4 of the City of Longmont’s charter to allow the city to lease its property for up to 30-years. Currently, the city is only allowed to lease property for up to 20-years. 

Recommendation Rationale: This exact measure was put to the voters last year and failed. Supporters say the goal of the measure is to incentivize private-public partnerships between developers and the city by creating more stable leasing conditions. However, these partnerships often feature unnecessary subsidies for developers, while at the same time making it harder for the city to leverage the value of their own property. We are recommending that the Boulder County Democratic Party affirm the choice Longmont voters made in 2019 and reject this charter amendment.