The Boulder County Democratic Party (BCDP) Voter Guide has been produced in printed form for every general and midterm election since 2008. (A BCDP Voter Guide was also produced in 2019, and although the BCDP does not endorse candidates in non-partisan municipal elections, there was a statewide ballot measure on the 2019 ballot that the BCDP did endorse). The BCDP Voter Guide might be familiar to you as having been dropped at your door by a volunteer who lives in your neighborhood. BCDP Voter Guides were also mailed to “unwalkable” precincts in rural and mountain neighborhoods. We estimate with an average of 86,000 voter guides that are printed every election, that over half a million BCDP Voter Guides have landed at doors since 2008!

[The BCDP Voter Guide is not to be confused with the Ballot Information Booklet (or Blue Book) that every registered voter in Colorado receives shortly before they receive their mail-in ballot. The Blue Book, which is produced by the Colorado Legislative Council, established in 1953, contains pro and con arguments for each ballot issue, but does not provide recommendations.]

From bocodems.org:

The mission of the Boulder County Democratic Party is to elect leaders and achieve political policies that reflect our values. The party’s democratic, all-volunteer organization will cultivate candidates for office, encourage community activism, communicate our values and policy positions, educate voters, and influence the actions of leaders at the local, state, and national levels.

To that end, through all of the volunteer work done throughout the year, through caucus, county, state and congressional assemblies, monthly meetings, platform development, hearing from all candidates in the primary phase, presenting all information and opportunities to other volunteers and voters — IT ALL CULMINATES IN YOUR BALLOT.

In presidential election years, there is rightly attention and focus on the Democratic Presidential nominee. But the BCDP has also been vigilant in the message that you have a WHOLE ballot to embrace: federal offices (US Senate and Congressional seats), state senators, state representatives, as well as a long list of county electeds who stand ready to represent YOU.

Your ballot always contains ballot measures, whether statewide referendums, or municipal decisions — affecting you in your everyday life. Depending upon the motivation of who sought to put certain issues on the ballot, ballot language can be extremely confusing, and at times misleading. But there are also proactive and transformational ballot measures as well. The BCDP forms committees to research these issues, weighs the pros and cons of support, then offers recommendations that are then presented to the BCDP Executive Committee (EC). The EC then votes to support, oppose, or take “no position” on each statewide ballot measure, and most municipal measures (depending upon what information is available at the time of the Executive Committee meeting).

Your ballot also always contains judge retention questions (on the Colorado Supreme, District and County Courts). We recommend going to coloradojudicialperformance.gov  & pull down to “Boulder County” under 2020 Judge Evaluation. You can also find the same Judicial Performance Evaluations in the 2020 State Ballot Information Booklet (Blue Book) sent to all Colorado voters in late September, or online, here (also in Spanish).

Less frequently, your ballot will contain other district ballot questions, such as for your fire protection, or water conservancy districts.

And of course, during municipal elections (every “odd” year), your ballot will contain non-partisan municipal candidate races (city council, or town trustees), as well as school board candidates.

Sometimes, because of candidate vacancies that occur before terms are up, candidates for those open positions will also be on your ballot.

To find a complete list of your districts go to govotecolorado.com, look up your voter registration (“find my registration”), and click the “County and District Information” tab. Scroll down, and all of your districts will be listed. Memorize your 3-digit precinct number. (you’ll also find that the long precinct number will contain your US congressional, state house and state senate district numbers)

The BCDP does not endorse democratic candidates in the primary phase of any election, but democratic candidates who have prevailed in the presidential (in March) and non-presidential (in June) primary elections, as well as the BCDP ballot issue recommendations are all contained in the BCDP Voter Guide.

The 2020 Election and the Covid-19 pandemic posed new challenges to our hundreds of volunteers. Our primary concern was for their safety and for the voters we would normally contact. Previously we had printed guides dropped at doors, and followed up with Get Out the Vote (GOTV) phone calls, with a downloadable voter guide available on the bocodems.org website. This year we launched a robust texting campaign, with calls and a limited number of printed guides mailed to select voters in Boulder County. You have a precinct leader in your neighborhood, who likely contacted you via text or phone.

It is also why we have created bocovoter.org — the BCDPs Official online Voter Guide. You’ll find all of your 2020 Boulder County ballot recommendations on the home page, with a stack of informational “widgets” in the left hand margin, including downloadable items. Everything you need to vote your ENTIRE BALLOT BLUE — candidates, ballot issues, as well as all voting logistics and ballot drop locations, and MORE — can be found here!

We encourage you to share this information with other Boulder County progressive voters! And THANKS for voting!